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The Eurasian Red Squirrel - E-Book

1. Auflage 2013
206 Seiten
161 Farb.-Abb., 25 SW-Abb.
ISBN: 978-3-89432-958-7
Format: PDF

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Über das Buch

Eurasian red squirrels have an innate appeal and are one of our most popular mammal species. They live in forests, share our parks and gardens and mesmerise us with their cute, captivating and endearing behaviour. The current volume offers an up-to-date overview of all aspects of red squirrel biology together with an extensive bibliography of published books, articles and research papers. The detailed and illustrated chapters provide a window into the hidden life of red squirrels and their fascinating ecology, population dynamics and behaviour. The book integrates material, research findings and images from across the red squirrel's Eurasian range, with particular attention being given to conservation efforts, favourable forest management options and the threat posed by the Eastern gray squirrel (also referred to as 'grey squirrel' in Europe). The latter has been responsible for devastating population declines of native red squirrels in the UK, Ireland and Italy and is likely to invade Switzerland and France in the near future. LANGUAGE: English

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"(...) This book will be a reference for everyone interested in the European red squirrel, its biology and ecology, management and conservation. (...) The book is a mine of information on every aspect of the red squirrel's natural history, but it also goes in depth in the management and conservation problem of this species. The book is based on a deep knowledge of the species and the ongoing research throughout Europe. The twenty-two pages of references contain most of the papers ever produced on the red squirrel and related topics. This makes the book an unvaluable source of information for students and researchers, but also for senior scientists that will find some unknown aspects of this species. At the same time, the writing style makes the book pleasantly readable by amateurs interested in this surprising species." (Sandro Bertolino in: Management of Biological Invasions (2012) Volume 3, Issue 1: 61-63)

"This book is an excellent and complete monograph of the biology and ecology of theEurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), in which the authors have consulted and reported nearly all the existing scientific literature up to date. But the book is more than that. Being a key conservation species on the British Isles and in Italy, this book also illustrates how the introduction of the alien Eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and/or other exotic tree squirrel species, are threatening the long-term survival of our native squirrel species (e.g. Martinoli et al. 2010). Hence the link is quickly made with the world-wide trade in animals and how the introduction and establishment of alien species is the second most important cause of loss of biodiversity on our planet. Therefore the book is not only a must for those working on or interested in red squirrels but also for wildlife managers and animal welfare activists that can learn important lessons from the competitive replacement of red by gray squirrels in particular and gain more knowledge about the mechanisms behind threats posed by alien species for species and habitat conservation." (Luc A. Wauters in: WILDLIFE BIOLOGY 18:4 (2012)

Über die Autoren

Dr. Stefan Bosch

Dr. Stefan Bosch lebt im Norden Baden-Württembergs. Der Mediziner beschäftigt sich seit Jahrzehnten intensiv mit Singvögeln und Kleinsäugern und untersucht besonders ihr Verhalten…

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Dr. Peter W. W. Lurz

Dr. Peter W. W. Lurz lebt in Schottland und Unterfranken. Er gibt Vorlesungen über Ökologie an der Universität in Edinburgh und arbeitet freiberuflich als Zoologe an Forschungsprojekten…

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